Barn och leende kvinna

Welcome to a trusted Swedish tradition

When you buy your home as a tenant-owner, you are joining a long line of people who have also chosen this typically Swedish tradition. Sweden is one of only few countries around the world to offer this solution, and has done so since the 19th century. You may also hear it referred to as cooperative ownership. The key point of this solution is that it’s a secure form of tenure with just the right combination of freedom and responsibility.

Life as a tenant-owner

There is a tenant-owner property for everyone. At OBOS we build tenant-owner apartments in apartment blocks, terraced houses, link-detached houses, semi-detached houses – and even detached houses. Living as a tenant-owner is ideal if you’re looking for more freedom than a regular rental contract, but with less responsibility than owning the whole home yourself.

You look after your home – the cooperative looks after the building

The private housing cooperative owns the building, and the land it is built on. As a tenant-owner you own a share in the housing cooperative, and have the right to use a particular apartment. This means that you look after your home on the inside. The housing cooperative is responsible for taking care of the building and any related grounds. As a tenant-owner and member of the private housing cooperative, you can be involved in making decisions about care and maintenance – and this way, you can also influence your housing costs.

What is a tenant-owner property?

What is a tenant-owner property?

People are happy to talk about tenant-owner housing, being vaguely aware it’s about having a home in some kind of cooperative… But if you want to know all the details, read this!

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Who decides in a housing cooperative?

Who decides in a housing cooperative?

Now that you’re familiar with the basic workings of a private housing cooperative, we can take a closer look at who decides what regarding the building and the home.

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Guarantees and insurance

Your security is important to us, which is why at OBOS we make guarantees to all our private housing cooperatives.