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Whistleblowing is intended to highlight inaccuracies and misconduct related to OBOS' operations. A whistleblowing can therefore affect anyone in the workplace. With your registration, we get the opportunity to manage and learn from an event.

OBOS is a member organization where voluntary and open membership and democratic member governance are important principles. It is important that all our operations are conducted in accordance with OBOS' values and ethical rules.

As part of this, it is of great importance that employees or others with a work-related context can report misconduct without fear of reprisals. Within OBOS, this will primarily be made possible through a working climate characterized by mutual respect and integrity. But there may be times when employees or others with insight want to bring something to the attention of the organization without using the normal information channels.

How can I report a case?

Via the green button at the bottom of the page, it is possible to report misconduct and you can also choose to remain anonymous. In order to receive feedback on the case, some type of contact information must be provided. Do not include sensitive personal data about people you mention in your case unless they are necessary to describe your case.

You can also tell us about your case by phone or book a meeting by contacting our Compliance Officer:

Maria Wall, phone: 070-600 13 78

Reporting to the competent authority

It is also possible to report irregularities to a competent authority. A list of competent authorities for different areas can be found on this page: List of authorities with responsibilities according to area of responsibility according to ordinance 2021:949 - Arbetsmiljöverket (av.se)

How is your report handled?

If you have provided contact information, you will receive a confirmation that we have received your case. If you have chosen to remain anonymous, the only possibility is to take a screenshot as confirmation.

The information provided is initially processed by the Compliance Officer and for possible further handling HR Manager and General Counsel for further decisions. All reports are treated as strictly confidential, and the investigation is handled with the utmost care and consideration for your privacy.

If you choose to provide any form of personal data, these will be processed in accordance with applicable legislation and the processing of personal data is based on legal grounds.